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According to Greek Mythology, the first people were created with four arms, legs & eyes & two noses & mouths. Afraid of their power, Zeus split them in half, leaving them to find the other half of themselves. These people are called our soulmates.


Welcome to the new live chat :)
Sixtiesrelic: Lovely and sunny here today in the north of ?England. Spring is here! Apr 7, 2015 7:48:57 GMT
steve: Well guess who has made a decision. Apr 25, 2015 20:50:34 GMT
Mermaid: You? Apr 26, 2015 17:09:30 GMT
coco: Oooh ... what's this ... and how do I find it again? Apr 27, 2015 22:04:15 GMT
coco: Oooh ... what's this? Instant chat or another thread? Apr 27, 2015 22:04:45 GMT
HoneyBuzzard: Always at the bottom of the main page when you're logged in, coco. A bit like chat, but anyone logged in can read and reply. X Apr 28, 2015 19:33:47 GMT
grumpysod: lunchtime yipee May 5, 2015 10:57:39 GMT
vladimir: working day is ending May 5, 2015 14:26:44 GMT
katebrown: Hello, I'm new! What's this Shoutbox about then? Is it just Archers fans, or the whole world? May 18, 2015 15:30:14 GMT *
ghostofdanarcher: No idea, but it is hardly ever used! May 18, 2015 18:06:07 GMT
Angiestepney: It's raining stair rods here in the Fens, it's chilly too, two days from June 1st....hard to believe!! *Nooo-way* May 29, 2015 10:22:13 GMT
Gold☼Light: Hi Angiestepney, come in Slovakia. Here is nice warm weather now. *brilliant-sunshine* May 30, 2015 16:52:31 GMT
Angiestepney: If only it was a bit nearer! Jun 3, 2015 10:52:47 GMT
Gold☼Light: Who wants to change with me? I change my hot sunny residence with someone's rainy cooler one for a few days. I hate this nasty sun *brilliant-sunshine* . Summer only starts here and 30°C. What will be in July and August... *over-react* Jun 9, 2015 19:51:36 GMT *
vladimir: It's rain and thunderstorm here now, but you should be quick while it continue :) Jun 10, 2015 12:03:36 GMT
Gold☼Light: I didn't make it, Vladimir. I will have to wait until Monday. It is forecasted thunderstorm here. :) Jun 10, 2015 18:01:00 GMT
vladimir: So, you'd really better to stay home. Besides, we are waiting temperature increase according to forecast, no rain Jun 10, 2015 19:38:05 GMT
Dougalish: Cracking the flags last week while I was at work. Rained most of the weekend when I wasn't. Monday morning I see blue sky. How does it know to do that? Sigh! Jun 15, 2015 5:46:28 GMT
Gold☼Light: Hi Dougalish, have you seen the series about Fantozzi? This is his cloud that follows him when he goes on his holiday. :D Jun 15, 2015 16:38:51 GMT *
Dougalish: I think I must have one of those! Its quite cute! Mine's a big wobbly white one. Jun 17, 2015 20:28:29 GMT