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Welcome to the new live chat :)
newcastleindianaus: oops... wrong window! sorry all!:) Nov 23, 2014 16:31:23 GMT
littlegoat: What about the updated word game? *Cheer-leader* (Read more: Nov 28, 2014 22:45:49 GMT
piggatha: I think Helen and Elizabeth should start a lesbian commune at lower loxley Dec 9, 2014 9:59:41 GMT
littlegoat: Happy Birthday Athena star. A lot of good wishes to help you bright up today more than ever. *Cake!-Chocolate-with-icing!* Dec 18, 2014 14:00:26 GMT *
littlegoat: Happy birthday vjsmum, you too. A lot of sweet wishes, gifts and kisses. *White-roses* Dec 18, 2014 14:05:29 GMT *
newcastleindianaus: Positive energies and prayers for all needing them. SFA in particular. Dec 22, 2014 17:04:23 GMT
Athena Ergane: Thank you, littlegoat. Sorry I forget about the Shoutbox and only just saw your comment. Dec 23, 2014 16:33:53 GMT
vladimir: Hey, all you! There’s newcomer in the “Introduce” thread, can someone propose her a cup of tea or something! Dec 26, 2014 16:08:55 GMT
Dougalish: The number of members has gone down again. It was over a thousand a few days ago. Dec 28, 2014 23:20:17 GMT
Fiddling Cat: Not surprising Doug, have you heard TA recently? Dec 29, 2014 20:21:09 GMT
vladimir: Can I ask, what is "TA"? Is it "Thinking allowed" BBC program? Dec 30, 2014 12:12:53 GMT
Honeysuckle Woodbine: TA is a BBC Radio 4 programme called " The Archers" Dec 30, 2014 15:01:15 GMT
vladimir: Thanks, Honeysuckle Dec 30, 2014 16:03:19 GMT
littlegoat: All of us, dear Mustardland members, let's wish one another a Happy New Year *choir* Dec 31, 2014 17:09:37 GMT
HoneyBuzzard: Happy New Year, littlegoat and all other Mustardlanders! Jan 1, 2015 0:16:11 GMT
Gold☼Light: Happy New Year! Jan 1, 2015 15:35:23 GMT
Sixtiesrelic: Happy new year, everyone. Jan 3, 2015 12:13:08 GMT
aggie: hope everyone is safe with all the storms about xxx Jan 11, 2015 22:21:53 GMT
suegreen: Barefoot the plans should finally go to committee on the 3rd of February, planners are slow to respond and there were objections, mainly due one car extra using the road and bizarrely the removal of a wall to pile snow against. Jan 13, 2015 10:55:16 GMT
hattie: Ell Kaye I have pm you. Jan 16, 2015 22:23:22 GMT